Paintball fun games with University of Wollongong in Dubai

paintball dubai school event

paintball dubai school event

12th October 2016:

Mr. & Mrs. Show arranged a fun-filled adventure packed event with the University of Wollongong students. The event was held at Pursuit Games Paintball Dubai in Jebel Ali Shooting Club. Each student proudly showcased their fighting stances and skillful movements. They were divided into two groups, fought a friendly battle, and engaged each other in rounds of fair games.

Faculty members praised the Mr. & Mrs. Show team for organizing such an event and said, “The Paintball event which took place at the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, on the 12th of October, with a large number of 70 people was very much appreciated. All the players were extremely energetic in the field, showed off their shooting skills, demonstrated some exceptional team work and thoroughly enjoyed the game. All the students had an adventurous afternoon filled with fun, thrill and entertainment. This was definitely an unforgettable experience for everyone. We would like to thank you once again for all your help in answering our questions and for your cooperation. We will definitely recommend this to all our friends and colleagues.”

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