Floating Pontoon Solutions & Partnership with Marsol International

Mr. & Mrs. Show and Marsol International, a UAE-based marine engineering company, entered into a partnership for the provision of modular floating pontoon solutions in marketing and corporate events.

Mr. & Mrs. Show’s extensive experience in the Events field combined with Marsol International’s renowned marine engineering capabilities made this partnership possible.

Together, Mr. & Mrs. Show and Marsol International are co-innovating around event solutions using modular floating docks to address the increasing demand for creative and unique event venues.

Marsol International is the exclusive distributor for Versadock in the UAE and the Middle East. With our main operating branch in Dubai we will supply the floating docks and pontoons you need for commercial and leisure purposes.

With VersaDock it is possible to create any size pontoon or Jetty to suit your specific requirements. Long or short, wide or thin, the possibilities are endless. Fixed or temporary mooring solutions are also available.
Visit Marsol International’s website here


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