Arabic Tent on Floating Platform for Ramadan

We supply and install customizable traditional Arabic tent and marquee on floating platform.

In partnership with Marsol International, a marine engineering solutions company, Mr. & Mrs. Show will be able to provide a safe and effective system and designed to the highest standard by an excellent engineering team.

We provide Arabic tent and marquee including the platform for rental in a body of water for it to float on. We can work anywhere whether it’s a large lake, a marina, private beach, or even a swimming pool.


We are able to work with all types of marquee and can supply them directly. Everything will be safely installed to ensure stability and durability of the equipment. In terms of covering the floating platform, we can finish them off with carpet.


Whether we install a platform large enough to house a full Arabic tent or marquee capable of hosting Iftar dinners or the evening’s events, or if it’s just a small platform upon which to hold ceremonies, the options really are endless. We are able to build the floating pontoon platform in desired shapes, sizes including traditional Arabic decorations and theme. Any design, size, and shape you want can be easily achieved.


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